A Bit of Background

     We had wanted to breed for several years and timing wasn't ever in our favor. Plus we didn't even know what we wanted to breed. Our middle child was diagnosed with Autism and parents at his preschool had a French bulldog. The rest you can say is history.

     We purchased our first French bulldog, Cocoa, shortly after that and within 24 hours had found our breed. My education into this journey began then. When we realized these dogs need CSections for litters and we immediately fixed Cocoa as she was our daughter. 

     For next 5 years or so,  I continued to read everything I could. Attended webinars, conferences with vets, and befriended several breeders. I knew that to be successful in our practice I had to know information at an expert level before putting my hands on any new puppies, I would not risk my moms.   

     So roughly7 years after we bought Cocoa, our beautiful blue girl Chloe had her very first litter.